How do we take daily vitamins?


Do you struggle with getting in your vitamins? So many little time!

That’s why we love the Metagenics daily packs - the “Wellness Essentials” line. These packages are EASY to toss in your purse or briefcase if you are short on time in the morning, and you can catch them on your lunch break. It is also really easy to count out your days of travel to pack them away in your carry-on as well. Metagenics makes easy with auto-renewal shipments every month!

Another important point to note here is how and when we use vitamins and supplements. We believe that supplements should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle. They do not replace healthy eating choices or sedentary time. In fact, if your gut isn’t healthy (from pro-inflammatory foods), consuming even the highest quality supplement products will be partially non-absorbed, or lost all together. Check out our other blogs and tips on a whole food based lifestyle and preventative measures. If you are unsure which pack is right for you, or are concerned about interactions with your health conditions or current medications, please reach out to us.

Supplement Recommendation:

Multivitamin Packs: Wellness Essentials by Metagenics

This line of supplements are "packs" that come with a multi-vitamin tablet, Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil as a baseline. The special formulated versions listed below are for certain ages and stages that need extra support.

Wellness Essentials [Generic]

Women's [Formulated for heart and bone support]

Women's Prime [Menopause & Beyond]

Men's [Formulated to support a man's vitality]

Active [Athletes and those with an active lifestyle]

Healthy Balance [Best for Supporting Blood Sugar, Well-Controlled Diabetics]

Pregnancy [Pre & Post Natal, Nursing]

This blog post is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition, but to make general recommendations on supplement usage in healthy populations. Links provided are affiliate links with a portion of the sales as commission to support Active Family Wellness.

Dr. Holly Tucker