Dr. Holly A. Tucker

Mom to two rambunctious boys. Wife to an amazing Sports Chiropractor. World Traveler. Passionate about all things health.

Dr. Tucker experienced life-changing health benefits after changing her diet at the age of 25, while attending chiropractic college. By focusing on the natural beauty that food has to offer, a lifetime of digestive issues suddenly disappeared after giving up gluten. Intrigued by this, she continued to learn more about a whole food plant-based lifestyle, using vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds as the focus, with high quality meats and animal proteins.

Since becoming a mother, that passion has turned into a life goal: change the way children are fed in America. It starts in the home! At age 5, Dr. Tucker’s son Tristan starting showing an interest in cooking. He creates dishes and snacks for his family, and shares his creations by making Facebook videos for family and friends. Noah, age 3, is also passionate about his food. Both have been known to be called bottomless pits! Our home is free of processed sugars, dyes and additives.

With a love for food and simplicity, and knowledge of the body’s ability to heal it self, Dr. Tucker hopes to inspire change in the busy American kitchen one mom at a time!


The American Kitchen

Let’s transform how we spend time in the kitchen with our families! Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks. Bedtime Snacks. Celebrations. Holidays. All of these meals CAN be healthy and delicious - your family deserves it!